Saturday, 28 March 2015


One post a month! At least it makes choose a title easy. I offer some images from March (incase you hadn't already guessed)...

I manage to glimpse some crocuses in bloom.

I picked some snowdrops to bring inside. The flowers don't last nearly as long as they do if left outside, however, it's nice to get a closer look at them and to appreciate their delicate scent.

Mother's day has been and gone, I was given a beautiful cupcake by A. She decorated it at her after-school club and was for once unable to claim it was for her to eat. My parents happened to be in the area on Mother's day and dropped in for a hastily arranged meal so much of the day was spent trying to get the house in some sort of order and making sure the parts beyond hope were well hidden.

I have a new camera. Another one. I just didn't like the photos I took with the previous one (it has already been claimed by A). I decided to spend a little more and have upgraded to a bridge camera. I still didn't splurge and have bought one towards the bottom end of the price range. It's a Fuji which is what my beloved compact was so I'm optimistic that we will get on. The sun was shining last weekend when I brought it home. Molly-the-cat was basking so she became my first subject. I now have a 40x zoom (as opposed to 5x) so expect lots of birds photos! I hoped to be able to get out and about this weekend to take some photos but it's raining and is set to continue to do so. So I made do with some woolly crochet shots. My sister in law sent me some bargain Noro yarn she found and I couldn't resist starting a project last night. Life seems to be returning a little to normal and I'm getting better at making a little more time for myself. I joined an orchestra a few weeks ago and it's good to be back playing my bass. The next thing I need to do is get back on the bike. But not in the cold and rain. Yet.

Anyway. I need to make a start on 29 pupil reports so I don't waste the holidays (two weeks off coming up very soon - fantastic!)

Have a great weekend, see you in April (I expect there will be far more than just a single post for April what with having new camera, time off work and the days being longer and brighter. All good!)

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Sky. Snowdrops.

February is flying by, as usual. It starts feeling like winter will never end. Already though it feels like spring will be with us before long. Birds are singing, the sunlight is stronger and daylight lingers ever longer.

We found the best spot yet for snowdrops this year - Finlaystone, for those nearby. Take the path down past the bridge below the house towards the Clyde. Wonderful.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Can't Think of a Title...

Jan into Feb. We've had a little snow. I'd have liked more, but never mind. 

I've still little free time for taking photos and blog posting and I think I'll pobably have forgotten how to crochet by the time I'm able to do some crafting again. 

Having said that, there had been some crafting happening although it's school related and doesn't involve much wool.We're now doing China as our topic and we've been having fun making dragon puppets, lanterns, paper cuts, drums, scrolls, etc. The next project is to attempt to make a big dragon for a dragon dance at our assembly. In preparation for the assmbly we've also been enjoying learning some new songs, including Gong Xi Gong Xi which I now can't get out my head. 

I struggle to keep up with the paper work associated with school though and although I'm managing not to drown in it I do feel rather submerged. And as for housework, hahahah! Guess how I'll be spending our mid term break, much of it anyway... 

So... the first lot of photos are rather random ones form the end of January when I was trying to get some shots of the snow in less than ideal conditions (mostly darkness!) before it vanished. We then had another fall of snow which has lingered longer with the cold weather and which provided a most attractive backdrop to a walk up to the folly which you can see in the second set of photos from last weekend. The sky was gorgeously blue that day, lovely and bright and it felt good to be out enjoying it.

Enjoy this weekend everybody! Till the next time... 


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